Make moving easier for you

Make moving easier for you

Moving home can be difficult at the best of times, but the good news is that it can be a lot easier than the great majority of people probably think.  All that is necessary to make the moving process easier is to follow a few sensible pieces of advice.

One good piece of advice is to make use of personal boxes when you move.  Use brightly colored storage boxes and have one color for each member of your family.  Let every family member fill their boxes with the items they will want or need immediately in the new home, such as sheets, extension cords, nightlights, pens and paper, Kleenex, a towel, a phone, keys, and travel cosmetic case.

It is also very important to make sure that you have safeguarded valuable items.  It is a very good idea to keep hold of your most precious possessions such as antiques, collections and silverware.  If you are moving long distance and are not able to keep those items about your person or in the car with you then put the items in a box misleadingly labeled ‘kitchen pantry’.  In either instance you should also check your homeowner’s insurance to make certain that you have coverage during the move.  You will also want to purchase the appropriate amount of valuation coverage from the moving company as well.

Important papers should be kept with you at all times, including school records, new job contacts, recent bank records, phone lists, realtor info, birth certificates, mover estimates, utility company numbers, current bills, closing papers, maps and more.