Make Money Off Your Move – Tips for Selling Your …

Make Money Off Your Move – Tips for Selling Your …

It’s time to clear out and make some money. With moving day scheduled for the future, you’ll have to go through your belongings to see what items will be making the move into your new home and what will not. Typically, people either donate or throw out their old belongings, but as the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” So, channel your inner creativity and make some money from your old belongings. Here are some unique ways you can sell your stuff online for some extra cash.

Discover the Worth

Imagine this – you have an old dusty porcelain plate that means nothing to you, but your Great Grandmother passed it down the bloodline knowing it would be worth a tidy sum one day. Only, you have no idea, so you send it off to the thrift store only to find out it was worth thousands. Believe it or not, this happens all the time! All you have to do is a quick search online and you’ll see that tons of people find expensive, vintage luxury items at secondhand shops all the time. Unless you’re the person doing the findings, you never want to be in this scenario. So, always do your research. Know the market value of your items and how much people are willing to pay for similar items. Then – and only then can you decide to trash it or to sell it for a pretty penny.

Take Advantage of Modern Technology

Hosting a garage sale is fun and traditional, but it’s not going to give you the potential outreach that comes from modern technology. Focus your energy on the Internet and everything it has to offer. If you’re not tech savvy, just sign into your social media accounts and post some pictures of your items with detailed descriptions for each to your friends. Who knows; maybe you’ll get a bite. There are also buy and sell groups on social media platforms such as Facebook, which are great for selling your belongings online. Just do a search for a local group, request to join and you’re ready to start posting your items.

Use Online Classifieds

Forget about advertising your belongings for sale in the newspaper. Instead, it’s all about technology. Use online classifieds sites such as Kijiji and Craigslist to post your items for sale. The steps are easy to follow and you can market your items to a larger audience, which has the potential to bring in more buyers. Plus, people go to these sites looking for secondhand items, so you won’t feel like you’re bugging anyone by advertising your old stuff. As an insider tip, price your items a little higher than what you anticipate it to sell for because people love to negotiate the price on these types of websites.

Re-purpose Old Items

If you can’t seem to sell any of your items as is, or they’re not in good condition, try to re-purpose them. It’s amazing what a little DIY project can do for a stained couch, or chipped décor items. Throw in some elbow grease and you can turn an old item into a brand new masterpiece. You may even find that you love the item more once its re-purposed and that you don’t want to sell it at all. Although, that may not help with your task of decluttering prior to the big day.

The most important tip to making money by selling your belongings is to always have great photos. If the photos aren’t enticing enough, it’ll be difficult to captivate potential buyers. Other than that, you’re ready to take full advantage of these money making opportunities from items you would have put in the trash otherwise.