Make a successful office move

Make a successful office move

Moving your office can be a boost to your business, but a lack of planning can undo the potential and leave a business shaken up in all the wrong ways.  Office moves can sometimes feel like a military operation with the need to manage confidential documents, sensitive computer equipment and other belongings.

This makes it all the more important that you have a plan in place in advance for your office relocation that is both comprehensive and easy to understand.  You should start planning an office move at least three months before the move is to take place, if not more, and make sure that moving day does not take place near any deadlines for significant projects.  Both clients and suppliers should be made aware of when the company is to move, and to where, to make sure that deliveries and payments will go to the right location and clients know when there might be the possibility of disruption.

It is also crucial to make sure that employees are kept up to date with information regarding the relocation at all stages so that they will know how the shift will personally affect them.

You should also take the time to do a little bit of research when it comes to moving companies.  Be sure to approach a variety of different companies.  Reputable companies will want to visit both your current and new premises when the move is being organized and make certain that they have the appropriate insurance and valuation coverage.

Gene Salaz