Make a Difference Day

Make a Difference Day takes place every year on the fourth Saturday in October, which this year falls on October 26th.  The national day was first initiated 23 years ago, back in 1990, and is dedicated to helping other people by taking part in voluntary work within the local community.

The activity that is undertaken can be just about anything, but on Make a Difference Day millions of ordinary Americans take part in projects that are intended to improve their communities.  These projects can take the form of cleaning up, painting, repairing and fixing up parks, municipal facilities and poorer neighborhoods.  The nature of the project that is taken on does not really matter; nor does it matter whether you are assisting a non-profit organization, your town, a church, food kitchen or any other needy group.  Participating is the thing that really matters.

Be sure to make a commitment to help other people for at least this one day of the year and use Make a Difference Day to make a difference to the lives of others and to your local community.

Former US President Jimmy Carter makes a point of bringing out his hammer and saw on Make a Difference Day every year and start helping others to build or to rebuild housing that is located in underprivileged areas.  Make a Difference Day is the biggest national day of community service not just in the United States but across the entire world.