Maintaining productivity during an office move

Maintaining productivity during an office move

Making a move to a new office is often an exciting time for a company, especially if it means relocating to bigger and more desirable premises.  While the move can bring a lot of anticipation, it can also cause a downturn in productivity due to distracted employees; however, there are some tips that can help your business to stay productive during this time.

The key to maintaining the productivity of your office as the day of the move approaches is good planning.  Making sure that your staff members have been informed about the relocation as soon as possible and taking a measured approach to the move will mean that the number of distractions will be less than if you left everything until the last few days.

Planning ahead and keeping staff members up to date with information relating to the relocation also means that any potential problems related to the change in office location can be dealt with by both parties before they end up becoming an issue that causes a reduction in productivity.

Staff should also be allowed to telecommute.  The last couple of days prior to the move – when the office is being cleared out – can cause an ‘end of term’ mindset in your staff, and the same is true for the first few days in the new office when things are still being organized and set up.  You might want to allow employees to work from home at this time, thus bypassing a lot of the distractions associated with moving an office.  If this is not an option, hire the pros to do the heavy lifting over the weekend.