Madonna Sued By Neighbor?

Madonna Sued By Neighbor?

You may have always thought it might be really cool to move in next door to a musician superstar like Madonna, but if you ask New York City resident Karen George she may disagree.

It has been reported that about a week ago, a judge threw out Madonna’s bid to stop a lawsuit against her from moving to trial.  It is believed the suit claims that Madonna simply made too much noise in the apartment building where she had an apartment, which doubled as a rehearsal studio.  Of course, Madonna and her attorneys didn’t have much to say about the judge’s decision and will presumably do their talking in court.

So, what happened? It isn’t clear when Madonna moved into the building, but apparently she began using the apartment back in 2009 as a dance and exercise studio.  The so-called rehearsals subjected neighbors to quite a bit of stomping, loud music, and shaking walls.

It is reported that Karen George and other neighbors asked Madonna to keep it down, and she did try to take action to muffle the sounds but unsuccessfully.  George ended up filing a suit against not only Madonna but also the building’s CO-OP board.  Both the board and Madonna claim that the noise never surpassed legal levels.

The judge thinks that this is a valid complaint, so the suit will be moving to trial.  We’ll be interested to see if anyone ends up moving out of the building in the meantime!

Jon Huser