Luke’s Cafe moves 12th Ave Grill

Luke’s Cafe moves 12th Ave Grill

Kevin Hanney has been obsessing over the colors on the walls of the new 12th Avenue Grill in Honolulu.  It is cream everywhere apart from behind the bar, where it is orange. However, Hanney is worried that the cream is too yellow and the orange too bright; Hanney hopes that the colors will mute down once the furniture arrives and the lights have been installed.

Things are starting to move quickly at the new place, with the tiles and floors set to arrive today, and the electricals, hood vents and air conditioning set to be completed by 12th August. Once this is completed all of the large kitchen equipment will roll in, such as ovens, sinks, stoves and the walk-in fridge.

The booths will arrive on 26th August; the custom tables are expected to come in during the first week of September, which have been made to match the tables that were used at the existing 12th Ave Grill before the move.

The new opening date for the new restaurant is 1st October.  For a while it was unclear exactly what would happen to the old 12th Ave Grill space, but just recently the bank gave Hanney the green light to allow him to open up a new concept there.  It will close on 14th September to enable 12th Ave Grill to move to its new location, and will then re-open in the guise of Luke’s Cafe in November.

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