Looking for a new home

Looking for a new home

Finding a new home can turn into a nightmare if the house hunter does not have sufficient planning under their belt.  The good news is that a degree of advanced preparation, such as knowing the right questions to ask and having a property checklist, can make house hunting a much more enjoyable experience.

The trick is to know exactly what you are looking for prior to starting your search.  Simple preparation and writing down the features you really want in your new place can help you to save a lot of time later on.

One good tip when looking for a new home to move to, especially if you would like to be able to save money, is to restrict your search to ‘fixer-uppers’ – homes that are going to need some degree of renovation.  You should also know what style of home you would like from the many different styles available, such as Cape Cod, Victorian, colonial and split-level.

You also need to think about how much living space you are going to require.  Think about how much space you currently have and whether you have any plans to increase – or reduce – the amount of family members you have living with you.

Once you have found your new home, one of the best pieces of advice is to make sure that your insurance begins when you move into your new home.