Latest A.J. Lupas Featured Spokesperson None Other …

Terry Kostoff, President of Bekins A-1 Movers, Inc., Bekins Moving Solutions, Inc. and Bekins Commercial Installations Worldwide,  was recently asked to contribute to an A.J. Lupas Insurance print advertisement featured in The Times Leader and The Citizens Voice, two northern Pennsylvania newspapers.  Kostoff said, “Even though A.J. Lupas and Gino Bartoli are business associates, we consider Gino to be part of our ‘Brain Trust’.” The ad promotes, “It’s what we do for YOU that makes a difference!” Terry Kostoff, President of Bekins A-1 Movers

A.J. Lupas Principal/CEO, Gino Bartoli said, “There are several reasons we wanted to showcase our relationship with Bekins A-1: The Bekins A-1 relationship is the largest in our office.  Not only is it (Bekins A-1 Movers, Inc.) a locally (northern Pennsylvania) established organization, but also a well-recognized national brand.”

Bekins A-1 has been a valued, multi-year customer of A.J. Lupas. Mr. Kostoff is proud to be selected as a valuable community member “spokesman” who represents the Bekins A-1 brand and the numerous insured clients that A.J. Lupas has worked with for many years.

And, Mr. Kostoff’s dashing good looks help make him a primary “spokes model“ candidate.

-Lance Grooms