Longoria looks for new apartment

Longoria looks for new apartment

Hollywood actress Eva Longoria has been playing her new relationship with football star Mark Sanchez very close to her chest of late, but an expedition on Sunday to explore apartments in Manhattan appears to be telling a very different story.  The couple was spotted looking for apartments to move into on New York’s Park Avenue.

Eva was dressed in a casual but chic outfit complete with gold sandals, while Sanchez was also dressing down in just a T-shirt, flip flops and loose pants.  NFL football fans appear to be wary of the new relationship, however, hoping that the athlete’s romance with the star will not impact on his performance on the field in a negative fashion.

“I’m afraid she might be a voodoo woman for him,” says morning show Boomer & Carton co-host Craig Carton.  “No disrespect to her, but I prefer he date a woman who is all-in and low maintenance.  If she’s going to be calling her publicist every time she goes out to dinner with him, then I think it’s a problem.”

Even though Longoria has not said much about the two’s romance, Sanchez has kept completely mum on the subject.  “To Mark’s credit, he’s never once flaunted who he dates,” Carton points out.  “He tries to keep it hush-hush.”

Celebrity girlfriends have a history of being either praised or blamed for the performance of their beaus on the field, so fans will be watching keenly how Sanchez performs if he and Longoria do indeed move in together.