Long-Term Storage Tips for Fine China

Long-Term Storage Tips for Fine China

There is nothing more elegant than a beautiful set of fine china. Whether you save your china for special family events or just display it for decoration, you want to keep your china safe and secure when you put it into storage. Packing fine china is an art. You have to handle each piece carefully to ensure that when you take it out of storage, it is in pristine condition. Bekins Moving Solutions has a team of professional packers who have extensive experience and training in how to handle any fragile item, even fine china. Here are a few of our best tips on how to prepare your fine china for long-term storage.

New Cardboard Boxes

While having solid packing materials is always necessary for any move, it is even more important when you are packing super fragile items like fine china. Strong cardboard boxes are essential. Do not be tempted to use boxes that have been used previously. The walls of the cardboard are going to be weaker and not as effective at keeping your china safe.

Packing Accessories

You also need to make sure that you have strong packing tape and good quality bubble wrap or other packing material. If you don’t have access to bubble wrap, or you run out during your move, towels are a great option. Wrap a towel around your china and make sure that you have several layers between plates. The soft cushion will help prevent scratches and chips.

Opt for Plastic

Plastic storage containers are a good alternative to cardboard if the items are going to be in long-term storage. Cardboard boxes have a tendency to get moist if placed in long-term storage. The humidity can damage the design on your fine china if you aren’t careful. Plastic boxes will help keep the moisture out of anything you pack, keeping it in perfect condition.

Label Accordingly

Finally, make sure that the box or container is marked “fragile.” While you don’t want to let anyone know that there are valuable items inside, it is helpful to alert people handling your boxes that they should be more careful. This can help prevent any breakage during transport.

Hire Professionals

You are much more likely to encounter breakage when you try to pack and move your home by yourself. Professional moving companies have decades upon decades of experience in moving all sorts of items and putting them into long-term storage. By utilizing the knowledge of moving and storage experts, you are much more likely to get your fine china back in the same condition it was when you placed it in a box.

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