Long-distance move? Set up the right services for …

Long-distance move? Set up the right services for  …

When you move into a new home, it may not be a case of the utility company simply switching on your services. Sometimes the companies need a long lead time (1-3 weeks); therefore, you need to look into this long before you move house. This includes electricity companies, gas, phone and water.

Be prepared to pay a deposit for these services. If you are moving long distance then it is normal for you to be asked for a cash deposit before the accounts can be transferred into your name. You should only request the transfer once the deal on your new home has been closed and it is officially in your name, and you also need to make sure that your accounts at your old home are closed on the day that you leave so that you are not paying for accounts at two properties.

It is difficult for anyone to live without a phone, so make sure that you speak to the telecoms provider around three weeks in advance of your move in case it needs to carry out any work to ensure that there is a working phone line at the new property. Again you need to be prepared to pay a deposit, although some providers will add this to your first bill if you prefer.

Dealing with utility companies is a major part of your moving checklist and should not be left until the last minute. Many such companies will have a minimum period for changeovers, which you obviously need to take into consideration.