Lighting Technology Has Changed A Lot In The Past …

Lighting Technology Has Changed A Lot In The Past  …

Smart lights, SAD lamps, LED bulbs – lighting technology is constantly changing, so much so that keeping up with the best lights for your home can seem impossible. While energy-efficient bulbs still remain at the top of the list of the best options, there are many other types of lighting technologies you may want to add in your new home.

Smart Lights for Ambiance

Smart lights are a new form of lighting technology that’s taken the industry by a storm. Despite having various options for sizes, shapes and styles, smart lights are LED bulbs designed to change colors, thus, changing the ambiance of the room.

But smart lights aren’t just about changing your living room to a blue hue. They also offer various shades of white, allowing you to choose the best type of lighting for things such as productivity, brightness, optimal sleep, etc.

The cool thing about these smart lights is that most of them can be controlled on your phone. You just need the LED bulb and the app, and you’re ready to transform your interior as you please.

Lighting Connectivity for Maximum Control

Having energy-efficient LED lights in your home is a no-brainer. However, the latest lighting technology allows you to have full control over them, allowing you to save even more energy. Though, modern light connectivity isn’t just about utilizing dimmers and sensors. You can connect your bulbs to other devices, allowing you to have full control over the way lights are used in your household, along with the ambiance they provide.

Lighting with Internet Connections for Easy Access

Another amazing form of lighting technology that has come to light – pardon the pun – as of recently is lighting with internet connectivity. With the setup of a handful of sensors and/or cameras, you can ultimately control every LED light in your life and not just your home. From your fridge bulb to your outdoor lights, everything can now be controlled online, making this a perfect option for homeowners who like to travel.

Bright Light Therapy for Healthy Lighting

Inarguably, one of the best forms of lighting technology that is finally receiving the recognition it deserves is bright light therapy. These lights, also known as SAD lamps or seasonal affective lighting, emit 10,000 LUX (way more than your average light bulb), which allow you to receive similar benefits that you would otherwise only be able to get from the natural sunlight.

These lights are popular options for anyone struggling with the winter blues, anxiety, depression or who simply want to feel happier throughout the day.

Visible Light Communication for Unique Setups

Another incredible form of lighting technology that’s certainly worth considering involves visible light communication. These lights track your position using LED luminaires, allowing them to automatically adjust when needed. As such, this lighting technology takes energy-efficient bulbs to the next level and can save you some serious cash on your next electricity bill.

As you prepare to unload your belongings from the moving truck and into your new home, think beyond the basic lighting options. The world of technology offers many advanced lighting options that can certainly result in an enhancement of both your interior and quality of life.