Are you Lifting Properly? 5 Items That Need Specia …

Are you Lifting Properly? 5 Items That Need Specia …

If only moving was an easy task, there would be no such thing as a professional mover. However, the reality is that despite moving into a new home being an incredibly exciting time, the actual process of moving is very rarely looked forward to. To put it simply, moving is tough. It’s tough on the body, tough on your time, tough on your patience and it can even be tough on your budget if you don’t plan ahead of time. The good news is that there are professional movers and special equipment to make the entire process significantly easier for you. You just have to be prepared and determine which items need extra assistance when moving.

Moving Furniture Can Be a Frustrating Task

Despite most household furniture pieces being large and chunky, if you pick them up the wrong way, you’ll quickly find out that they’re also surprisingly fragile. Not only that but maneuvering furniture in and out of a house, moving truck and rooms can be an excruciating process. It requires strength, strategy and often times, special attention and equipment.

To make the process easier, you can always rent dollies to help move furniture pieces on moving day. You also have the option of using professional movers as ‘special equipment’ and let them do all the heavy lifting and maneuvering through awkward doorframes.

Dangerous Materials Need Special Precautions and Moving Plans

Reputable companies will very rarely move and/or store dangerous materials. As such, any guns, ammunition, corrosive materials or flammable materials will need to have a separate course of action in order to get it to your new home. More importantly, these materials and items will need to be carefully moved to ensure everyone’s safety.

Conduct some research on the safety guidelines of the products you wish to move, and learn what materials are needed in order for you to do so in the best way possible. It could be as simple as purchasing protective packaging materials but you just won’t know until you do some research.

Your Backyard Belongings Are More Complicated Than You Think

Just like large furniture pieces, your backyard belongings can be difficult to maneuver. Patio furniture will need some extra manpower and/or special moving equipment. However, items such as playgrounds, tree-houses, and even hot tubs may require more elaborate equipment and professional services.

If the items can be taken apart and packed properly into a moving truck, that is your best option. If not, you will need to hire the necessary manpower and equipment needed to transport your large backyard belongings to their new destination.

Just Because It’s Small Doesn’t Mean It Doesn’t Need Special Attention

Not all small items are easy to pack and move into your new house. In fact, the smaller items can sometimes be the hardest to move depending on how fragile and valuable they are.

Unlike furniture, small items can easily get misplaced. They can fall in between the cracks of boxes, slip out the sides of containers and slide out of position fairly easily. While they don’t need special lifting equipment, small items such as breakables, valuables and antiques will still need special attention.

Packaging materials are a must, and boxes that are designed for fragile items are also recommended. However, there are a lot of options here, so it’s important to do your research to find the best solution for moving small, breakable and valuable décor items.

Priceless Art Can Be Price Less Without Proper Care

Yet another household item that is often overlooked during the move is art. Everything from statues to a canvas painting from a famous artist need to be moved with caution. Sometimes, these items are best left unpacked and these are the kinds of things professional packers and professional movers can help you with.

You may also need special wrapping materials to ensure the safe arrival of your priceless art pieces.

Moving can be a bummer but it can be easy if you do it properly. Hire professional packers to make sure all your items arrive safely and in one piece, and let the professional movers handle the heavy lifting. All there’s left for you to do is enjoy your new abode.