Library relocation adding pressure

Library relocation adding pressure

Relocation of a company can affect numerous things besides employees.  Westdale Mall is in dire straits because of economic pressure.  The mall has lost quite a few shops in recent months.  This has put the question in everyone’s mind as to whether the mall will survive.  Now, the Cedar Rapids Public Library will also leave the mall.  It is one of the mall’s only contributors to bringing in people that will eventually shop around.

The move for the library will provide them with a larger space, but it does put the mall in jeopardy.  Several people in the city have already lost their jobs due to closing stores, so if the mall is to close more residents of Cedar Rapids may need to relocate to find new jobs.

If they are not faced with a move, it may be a significant drive to a new job.  The library will not leave all at once, but much of the main activity will move leaving book processing and the administrative offices in the mall space until the library is ready to open in 2013.

The hope is that the library leaving and also other stores will spark a ‘lifestyle’ center renovation rather than a closure.  If the mall gets a facelift it may mean employees will not have to worry about relocating for a new job because the redevelopment may actually bring in more jobs, and also new retailers, once it is completed.  There is no confirmation on redevelopment, though.

Lance Grooms