Letting your moving company do some of the packing

Letting your moving company do some of the packing

Most moving companies offer a packing service and you can hire professional staff to pack up everything for you if you so desire. For many this is an attractive prospect, as there will be no hassle with boxes and tape for weeks beforehand; however, you may want to have some control over the packing or save a little money by doing some of the packing yourself. In this case you can arrange for your moving company to complete some of the packing, perhaps taking care of certain items that may give you a problem. Most people think that the movers could pack all the books and “nonbreakables”, but actually it’s a better idea to have them deal with other items instead so that they are responsible for how those items are packed and handled.

You might want to consider leaving kitchen items for the movers to pack; for example, glassware and dishes need to be packed carefully so they do not break on the way to your new home. Alternatively you could ask the movers to pack your entire kitchen, which they will be happy to do.

You might want to leave your movers to pack the heavier items in your home, such as your gym equipment or bulky items.  If needed your moving company will bring in specialty equipment to help move items such as these so that you do not have to take the strain.

It is also a good idea to let your professional movers deal with any high-tech items you own, such as your TV or your computer. These will need to be packed carefully to avoid any damage and your movers will have the technical expertise that you need and also the specialist packing materials. You can simply relax, safe in the knowledge that your expensive technology items are in competent hands. 

Lance Grooms