Leaving home after college

Although spending time with your family after spending several years at college can be a good thing to begin with, living back at home can soon start to fail rather claustrophobic.  For those who are beginning to feel the itch to move out, the important thing is to have some ideas on how to go about making this happen.

One good tip is to get a game plan.  Set a firm date for when you intend to move out and where you want to go, and then think about exactly what has to be achieved in order to ensure that this happens.  Just having a game plan in place can ease the stress of the situation and give both you and your parents something to strive towards.

Starting to save is very important.  There will be numerous seasonal employment opportunities come the arrival of the holidays; this is the time to take advantage of still living at home, and probably not having much of a social life, and save.  Even saving just a few months’ rent can help to reduce the pressure on you when you finally do move out of home for the first time.

It is also a good idea to have some open and honest discussions with your parents about precisely what you can expect when you make the big move.  Some people are gradually weaned off being dependent on their parents, with health insurance and cell phone bills assisted with to begin with, while others go cold turkey immediately.  Other have to pay their own way throughout the entire process.  Be sure to be prepared for your future, regardless of your financial situation.