Learn from the big boys regarding office moves

Learn from the big boys regarding office moves

Office moves can seem daunting to the point that you might want to reconsider; however, when you look at some of the larger companies who find success with office moves it might help you to feel more comfortable.

Kibow Biotech Inc announced its recent business relocation to a new facility for its R&D center.  The custom built facility also includes office space, where clients will need to come if they wish to speak with a company representative in person.  In this case the company needed a larger facility to expand into.  As a smaller business you might feel business relocation is not for you if you are worried about losing your client base.

There are a couple of things you can do to make this easier.  First, like Kibow, you can find a location close to the original building but one that is larger.  Second, you can utilize the internet to make certain that you have all of your clients’ attention.  The old methods of newspaper ads, signs in the old office building and grand opening parties still work, but you reach more individuals via social media and online postings.

If you announced a move on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and your website, you have definitely managed to reach potential clients.  By utilizing old school methods you also catch clients who might not use computers as much as others.  It lets them know you have made an office move and that you are still open for business, no matter where your new location.

Jon Huser