Lavigne says moving from LA saved her

Lavigne says moving from LA saved her

Pop rocker Avril Lavigne says that moving away from Los Angeles and going on tour stopped her from suffering a very public breakdown, as occurs with so many other young celebrities.  Unlike so many of her showbiz peers, the hit-maker has managed to avoid going off the rails in spite of having been firmly in the public eye for ten years now.

The singer believes that making a move from Los Angeles and going on tour helped to prevent her from being tempted by the darker side of fame.  “I’ve worked really hard since my record deal,” Lavigne told British tabloid newspaper the Sun.  “It has been non-stop…  I’ve toured every record.  Touring is very grueling and it takes up about one to two years of your life.”

Lavigne notes that the problem with being a star is that it means that absolutely everything is “you, you, you” and that she puts a distance between her real self and her performance persona; this is the reason she ultimately decided to move away from Los Angeles after having lived there for the best part of a decade.

The singer also notes that when living in the City of Angels she felt like she was performing every day, even when trying to live a normal life.  She realized this atmosphere was not going to do her any good, hence her decision to leave.  “Now I’ve moved and I get to actually be home and all of that shuts off,” she says.

Jon Huser