Last minute things to remember when you leave your …

Last minute things to remember when you leave your …

When you move out of your old home you will need to think about the last minute things that have to be done. It is so tempting simply to empty the place and go – after all, you have probably found the whole process extremely stressful ‒ but remember these last minute tips.

You need to give the place a good clean, especially if you are moving out of rented accommodation, mainly because you may not get your deposit back if the landlord feels that the property has not been left in a good state of repair. Think about cleaning all the hidden spots that would not usually be part of a general house clean, including behind the kitchen appliances.

Don’t forget to arrange for your mail to be redirected when you move house. You do not want to miss out on any important mail and redirection is the easiest way to make sure that your post is sent on to you. You can’t always rely on the new homeowners or the landlord to do this for you, as they will often just throw your mail away.

You also need to anticipate that there will be problems during a house move. Nobody expects things to go perfectly and if you are prepared for problems, you will find that the whole move is much less stressful than you imagine. The trick when something does go wrong is to stay calm and work out how to put it right as quickly as possible.