Labeling tips for your boxes

Labeling tips for your boxes

When you are labeling your house move boxes It is very tempting to simply grab a marker pen and write the name of the room on the box or the name of the person whose possessions are inside; however, anyone who has ever moved will know the need for a much better system than this.

Prepare a few labels in advance and devise your own color-coding system for each room. Number the labels and then number the boxes accordingly. Make sure that you have enough labels to put one on each side of each box; in this way, no matter how the box has been stacked by the moving company, you can see exactly where it belongs.

Keep a master list of the numbers in your moving binder so that you can easily see what the contents of the box are. Make sure each box has an arrow on it and a ‘this side up’ note so that they are all stacked correctly.

You also need to make sure that you draw attention to any boxes that contain fragile items, as your professional movers cannot take good care of items if they do not know that they are potentially breakable.

A final note on labeling is to make sure that plugs, cords and cables are all labeled so that you can identify which goes with which piece of electrical equipment. When you arrive at your new home you can then set up your electrical items, such as your TV and music system, quickly and easily.