Label Like A Pro! Your Guide to Becoming a Moving …

Label Like A Pro! Your Guide to Becoming a Moving  …

Labeling is inarguably one of the most important parts of moving. Without labels, you really have no idea what belongings are where, what boxes go where, or if everything is even packed. So, never underestimate the power of proper labeling.

Unfortunately, not all labeling is created equally. To ensure a quality move and a positive time unpacking, learn how to label like a pro.

Label on The Top and on the Side

A label on the top of a box that’s stacked underneath 5 other moving boxes won’t do good. A label on the side surrounded by 10 other boxes won’t either. As such, it’s important to label both the top and side of your boxes to ensure you can see where they need to go without having to unstack everything.

Use the Right Kind of Marker

Put down the pencil, forbid the pen, and use a permanent marker. The key to labeling like a pro is to be able to look at a box and be able to tell where it needs to go and what it contains with a second of a glance. So, use a thick, black permanent marker and write your labels as large as you can. Plus, not even rain can wash permanent marker off.

Implement A Number System

It’s highly recommended to use a number system on all of your boxes. Place #1 on all moving boxes that are a top priority and that you’ll need access to immediately, such as cleaning supplies, linens, and toiletries. Place a #3 on all moving boxes that you really won’t have to unpack until the end. Moving boxes that contain seasonal gear, holiday decorations or anything that usually gets stuck in a storage space is worthy of a #3. For everything else that you need unpacked but not right away, give it a #2.

Label with Your Name If Hiring Professional Movers

In big letters, write your last name on every box. It’s a little labeling tip that’ll make sure your belongings arrive at the right destination.

Label with The Room Name

Next, write the type of room each moving box is going to, along with the floor it’ll need to be placed upon arrival. This ensures you won’t have to lift heavy boxes up and down the stairs to start unpacking. Everything can get placed in the right areas as soon as they’re unpacked from the moving truck.

Label with Item Types

Labeling isn’t done yet. You also want to write the type of contents in each moving box on the side and top as well. This will help you prioritize what needs to be packed for each number assigned. For example, if you’re unpacking your #3 boxes but don’t know what’s inside each, you’ll have no idea where to start. So, always put the type of items on the box as well.

Share A Floor Plan with The Movers

If you have a floor plan, share it with your professional movers, along with your friends and family members who are helping. This allows them to easily navigate the home and place items where they need to go, and it’ll speed up the moving process significantly.

Label Each Room in The House

Lastly, label each room. Grab some sticky notes and a permanent marker and put a name on every door or entryway. Not every homeowner uses the rooms for the same purposes, and you may be using a spare bedroom as a home office or as a playroom. Make sure to label this, so movers know exactly where every box needs to go.

Follow these tips and you’ll be a labelling pro in no time! You’ll be happy you took the time to carefully label each box once it comes time to move and unpack them.