Lab relocations take special movers

Labs, as part of universities or businesses, sometimes move too.  It may be a need for a larger lab or for new technology in a new building.  The reason for the move is not as important as how you can make the move easier.  Any office move requires certified professional movers to ensure that nothing endangers the building, equipment, and other office necessities.  With a lab there are plenty of breakable and sensitive items that need to be moved with care.

Oregon Health and Sciences University can attest to the importance of moving lab equipment with professionals after moving one of its large freezers.  The freezers, in order to move them, need to be turned off and emptied.  The contents of the freezers have to be sent separately to keep them cold.  Before freezers in a business move or even in a home move are moved, they should always be cleaned out.  Some office moves for labs have actually left the vials and test tubes inside the freezers, but this can create quite a mess if the freezers are not moved accordingly.  In other words, it is better to remove everything so that the freezer and any sensitive materials go separately.

The next thing to consider when moving large equipment such as freezers is the loading dock space.  Getting a freezer in and out of the buildings is definitely going to take some planning and, if it is an older building, probably a bit of finesse.  This is where professional movers come in.