Key stages of an office move

Key stages of an office move

When you are moving business premises you know that there are certain things that need to be done. It is important to complete these tasks in the right order so that your office relocation can run smoothly.

The first stage is for you to look at properties and find the right one to move your business to. The next stage is for you to negotiate the terms of the office lease or purchase and make sure that it meets your requirements. When you are moving out of another building you also need to make sure that you meet the terms of your current lease; otherwise, this can be costly.

The next stage is to consider the layout of the new office. Planning this in advance will cut down on the amount downtime when you move your company. Ensure that you know where everything is going to go so that it can be put into place when you move in and your staff can simply get on with their work.

Ideally this planning will also include details about the moving of IT and telecoms services. In this way cabling and network services can be put into place just before you move in, which will help the move to go more smoothly.

The final stage is the actual move. The right moving company and the right planning should help to make this process much easier than you might think, and the preparation is also likely to save you money in the long term.

– Lance Grooms