Keeping your stored items safe

Keeping your stored items safe

When putting items into storage, everyone is concerned about making sure that the items will be able to stay safe and in good condition.  The good news is that this is fairly simple to do providing you follow a few simple tips.

One good tip is to be clean.  White goods should always be cleaned before being put into storage and doors need to be left open a little in order to help the materials “breathe.”  Another good idea to maintain freshness is to put a deodorizer inside freezers and fridges; however it is a bad idea to place other items – especially those that are sharp or heavy – inside white goods, as they can end up causing damage.

Making use of packing paper is also good advice.  Packing paper should be placed inside the top and bottom of boxes containing fragile or breakable items.  These items can also be protected by being individually wrapped in packing paper.  Any gaps in the boxes that are left after packing should be filled with packing paper in order to prevent objects from moving and to offer further protection.

Bubble wrap is another very useful item.  When putting paintings or mirrors into storage, bubble wrap can be very helpful to protect them.  These items should not be stored in a horizontal position.  Bubble wrap should also be used to pack electrical items, which should then placed inside cardboard boxes.