Keeping Kids Entertained During Your Move

Keeping Kids Entertained During Your Move

Taking small children on any long journey can be difficult. However, add in the stress of a move and you have a recipe for disaster. While adults find moving difficult, it can be rather earth shattering to a child, especially if it is their first. Kids thrive on predictability, so uprooting any child can have a profound impact on them. All this fear and frustration can quickly cause a meltdown during your move. So how do you entertain kids during a long-distance move? Bekins Moving Solutions has all the answers!

Set Aside or Purchase New Movies

Many families opt for the in-car DVD players or iPads loaded with their favorite shows and movies to keep the kids amused for a few hours; however, this is not always a practical option. This is especially true if one or more of your kids are too young for screen time.

Non-Tech Games

As part of your move planning, you might want to read up on a few games that can be played while you are driving. Simple games such as I-Spy or word association will keep the kids amused while providing a memorable bonding time for the whole family. Alternatively, you can enjoy a sing-along in the car. While you wouldn’t sing for the entire trip, it is a good way to pass some time here or there.

Plan for Play Stops

Plan extra time on the journey to your new home for a couple of stops. Do some research ahead of time to pick areas with playgrounds or activities for children. The kids will be filled with pent-up energy stuck in the back of the car and this can lead to intense conflict. After 15-20 minutes, they can blow off some steam and be ready for the next leg of the trip.

Stay Away from Sugar

When packing snacks for your trip, try to stay away from sugary drinks or candy. While it is a nice idea to treat the kids to a sweet snack, it can soon have them bouncing off the walls. The last thing you want is a pack of kids with uncontrollable energy in the back seat. Stick to a healthy diet and save your sanity!

Plan for Surprises

Young kids always have a way of surprising us at the worst possible moment. Plan for something to go wrong. Pack a few extra changes of clothes, bring lots of paper towels or baby wipes, and have some basic medicines and bandages handy. You will be happy that you planned ahead.

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