What to Keep and What to Toss in the Bedroom

What to Keep and What to Toss in the Bedroom

Sorting through an entire household of clutter can be a daunting task. It’s much easier to tackle the mounds of belongings per room and what better place to start than your very own bedroom. This can be a tricky place to cut down the clutter because your bedroom is your special place and everything in it probably has some sort of meaning to you, or at the very least, you like it. After all, there’s a reason you have it but it’s time to declutter to make the move easier. Start with these tips and start slashing down the clutter you’ll be taking with to you your new home.

Delegate Half an Hour Each Day

Sorting through your belongings and saying goodbye to certain items can be an emotional thing to do. It can also be just as stressful and exhausting, so refrain from tackling your entire bedroom all at once.

Instead, set aside at least 30 minutes each day to go through your things. Of course, you can always take a break in between some days if your decluttering is much deeper and time consuming than you anticipated.

The Clutter of The Closet

The closet is the culprit of clutter for many people. It’s where you store things you used to like, things you might wear and things you’ll never wear again. You store clothes that don’t fit, shoes that are weathered, and accessories from the past.

Fortunately, your wardrobe doesn’t have to go in the garbage. There are tons of families in need, and many second hand stores that will be happy to accept your donations. Your old clothes, shoes and accessories can make someone else much happier than it makes you.

As a rule of thumb, throw out anything in your closet that:

  • You no longer feel confident in
  • You’re saving until you lose weight
  • You forgot you even owned
  • You haven’t worn in 6 months
  • You don’t like

The Bulky Furniture Pieces

Your bedroom is the one place in your home where you really don’t need to have a ton of furniture. In fact, less is often more. All you need is a bed, a bedside table and maybe a dresser if you don’t have a big enough closet. Other than that, everything else can go.

Having too many large items in your bedroom will close in the space, making you feel trapped in an area that should make you feel utterly relaxed. So, take the necessities and toss the extra furniture pieces. Some things to eliminate from your bedroom belongings include:

  • Big chairs
  • Chaise lounge
  • TV stands (use a wall-anchor instead)
  • Book cases
  • Large unnecessary dressers

Tackle the Tacky Décor

There’s really no need for the surfaces in your bedroom to be filled with random art fixtures, décor items and stuffed animals. All you need is a table lamp, a docking station for your tech devices and maybe a jewelry case. The rest is likely doing nothing more than simply taking up viable space.

Now, there are some exceptions because some of your belongings may have sentimental value, such as the stuffed animal you’ve had since you were a child or the vintage jewelry dish from your Great Grandmother. These are okay, as long as they’re on display and not hiding in the corner of your closet. Otherwise, they don’t mean that much to you and they don’t have to make the move to your new home. Some things to get rid of to decrease the clutter include:

  • Collection of stuffed animals
  • Books you don’t read
  • Gag gifts
  • Posters or tacky art you no longer love
  • Magazines
  • Extra throw pillows

So grab two boxes, label one with take and the other with toss. It’s time to put these tips into action.