Keep packing from becoming boring

Keep packing from becoming boring

Packing may start out fun, but it can soon become extremely boring.  There are certain things you can do to keep the enjoyment and entertainment in packing.  For instance, set deadlines for yourself.  If you set a deadline, such as a week to pack up your garage, it can be more entertaining to try and meet that deadline plus it will keep you on task.

During your packing phase remember that you do not want to under or over pack the boxes.  Obviously you want to be able to lift the boxes, but you do need to fill the boxes so the contents will not be damaged during storage or moving.  There are also professional packing teams available through your moving company.

You never want to leave all or most of the packing for the last day before the moving truck comes.  You would be up all night and probably still be unable to get everything done on time or properly.  Rather than running around in a panic keep up with what needs to be done and make certain that you pack everything properly.

Newspaper has been a packing material for decades, but it can be an issue.  Newspaper print tends to rub off on your dishes and other fragile items.  When you use newspaper and arrive at the new location, you will spend days cleaning everything up so that you can put it away.  Magazines are less likely to leave behind residue if you do not want to buy wrapping materials.

Remember to check your bedroom if you tend to leave things hanging behind the doors.  You do not want to leave behind your favorite robe or other clothing item that you love.

As always, make certain that you mark the packed boxes correctly.  You do not want to leave behind the wrong box thinking it is a ‘do not move’ box.  You also want to recognize the ‘open first’ boxes from among all the dozens of others you have packed.

Moving can be stressful, so there is no reason to add to it.  Arriving at your new location will mean more excitement because you are able to unpack and position your items where you wish them to be.  The point is that you want to make certain you have just as much fun unpacking as you did packing.  Some things you cannot take your time with because you need them, but just as when you packed you should have an unpacking strategy.

Take half a day that first day to unpack.  Do not let yourself get tired out or you will soon be weary and frustrated.  You may find yourself unpacking boxes you do not need or misplacing something as you work through boxes when you are tired.  Sound like a lot of work? It is!  You may also want to ask your moving consultant about their packing and unpacking services.

Lance Grooms