Keep moving free of stress

Keep moving free of stress

Making a move can be very tough psychologically, but having a strategy goes a long way toward cutting down on stress regardless of whether you are moving just down the street or across the country.  There are several tips to help ease your transition to a new home, while easing your mood in the process.

Making a move is the best time possible to start to get rid of old possessions that you no longer have any need or use for.  There is no need to be overwhelmed by this; providing you have planned ahead, you do not have to clear out your whole house in just the one afternoon.  Go through one closet or one room at a time.  Throw out old cans of food or spices that are long past their sell-by date, donate books you do not read anymore to your local library, and if you have too many dishes then try to cut down on them also.

Before you begin your purge, you need to make sure that you have the resolve to go through with it and to be efficient in the process.  Even if you intend to keep some items for sentimental reasons, now is not the moment to start getting emotional.

Taking care of the nitty-gritty is one of the essential moving tips that can be quite scary, particularly if this is your first really big move.  Agencies need to be called, and records need to be changed at the doctor’s office and the post office.

Lance Grooms