Keep moving costs down in the new year

Keep moving costs down in the new year

It is that time of year when a lot of people are considering making big changes to their lives, and there are a few changes that are more challenging and difficult than moving.  Relocations that are related to job changes tend to start increasing at the beginning of a year, peaking between July and September.

Whether you are moving to a better home in the suburbs or going across the country to start a new job, even the most organized households find making a move to be quite the challenge and the costs that are associated with planning and executing the relocation of all your belongings can start to add up very quickly indeed.  Fortunately there are ways to save money when you move.

One good tip to cut costs is simply to cut down on the amount of items that you need to move.  The more possessions you are taking with you, the more likely you will need a larger and thus more expensive moving van.  Many professional moving companies also tend to have set rates for interstate moves that are based on a mixture of how far your possessions are being moved and how much they weigh in total.  You may not be able to change the distance involved, but you can take less items. For local moves, the charges are typically based on the amount of movers and the total hours.

Another good tip is to avoid moving in the summertime.  Between mid-May and mid-September, children are on break from school and moving companies tend to be very busy. Sheer supply and demand causes prices to be higher and availability to be scarce.