How to Keep Motivated During the Winter When It Co …

How to Keep Motivated During the Winter When It Co …

The winter season can make it feel like the walls are closing in on you. The dark and dreary days are quickly making your bright and chic interior look weathered, your motivation is lacking and your mood, well that’s something else. Seasonal affective disorder – it’s a real thing and something that many people suffer from unbeknownst to them.

Disorder aside, winter can just put a serious drag on your days, and your home may be paying the price. So, if you can find piles of laundry in every corner of your household, and if cobwebs are building up on the ceilings and things just seem to be way messier, dirtier and unorganized than usual, it’s time to get a seasonal dose of motivation.

Get Outside For 10 Minutes

Being stuck inside for months at a time can put a serious damper on your mood – and housekeeping. Try to get outdoors for some sunshine every day for at least 10 minutes. Even if the wind is blowing and the clouds are rolling, take a quick walk around the block or a stroll through the park. The 10 minutes it takes to do so can give you a spark of motivation you never knew you were capable of during the winter season.

Take Vitamin D Supplements

Unfortunately, chilly weather, rain, snow, ice, sleet and who knows what else really doesn’t make it very tempting to step outside. That’s also not to mention that sometimes there’s no sun to be seen. In this case, head to your local pharmacy and pick up some vitamin D supplements.

Your body tends to get a sufficient amount of vitamin D during the warmer, sunnier months. So, when winter hits and fatigue rushes over you, it could be a result of vitamin D deficiency. Speak with your pharmacist to find the best supplement for you, and enjoy a spark of healthy motivation.

Look for Inspiration

A lack of motivation for housekeeping can be a result of a lack of inspiration. If the only visual stimulation you have is the dark and dreary weather outside, it makes sense why your housekeeping has taken a backseat.

So, grab some of your favorite interior or housekeeping magazines, browse Pinterest and let someone else’s clean and organized home inspire you to do the same. When you look at the pictures, you can visualize living in a similar space and you will feel more motivated to make it happen.

Think About the Possibilities with Spring Cleaning Already Being Done

If you’re suffering from a lack of motivation during the winter season, chances are that spring and summer are your favorite times. As such, you probably want to spend as much time as possible outside when the sunshine and warmer temperatures arrive. The only downside is that you’ll have to wait to enjoy the weather come spring because your house is a total mess from winter.

Use this as a source of motivation to stay on top of your housekeeping. If you don’t have a major mess to clean up, you can enjoy the warmer days as soon as they arrive.

Discover A New Passion or Hobby

The winter season can make you feel like someone you don’t know. During the summer, you’re always outdoors, being active, finding inspiration and staying on top of your tasks, but in the winter, you’re the opposite. This is something many people deal with, so you’re definitely not alone.

To survive through the winter season, discover something to love about it. Find a new passion or hobby that can only be done in the winter, such as skiing or ice skating. It can make you feel like your once-motivated self again.

If your house is messier, dirtier and more unorganized than usually, this can only make your winter mood worse. The space in which you live in directly affects the way you feel. So, remember that if you stay on top of your housekeeping, your mood will also increase.