Just Moved? How to be the Perfect Neighbor

Just Moved? How to be the Perfect Neighbor

It takes less than a second for a first impression to be formed, and when moving into a new community, you certainly want to start off on the right foot. Being a good neighbor is beneficial for you and the community, and can significantly increase your quality of life. So, keep the peace with your neighbors and enjoy one another’s company with these etiquette tips that start with the first hello.

Introduce Yourself

A simple hello can go a long way. When you move into your new home, make a conscious effort to introduce yourself to the neighbors. It’ll show them that you’re friendly, and also gives you the opportunity to make new friends. Before you know it, your house will start to feel like home and you’ll start to feel the sense of a community.

Be Considerate of your Neighbor’s Lifestyle

The key to being a good neighbor starts with being considerate. By being friendly and introducing yourself, you’ll quickly start to learn more about your neighbors. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to take your good neighbor skills to the next level. Once you know what your neighbors do for a living and what they’re schedules are like, you can be more considerate to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone. For example, if your next-door neighbor doesn’t get home from work until the wee hours of the morning, you may want to hold off on those outdoor home renovations until afternoon. If they have kids, you’ll want to be aware of the conversations and language used in your outdoor living space.

Inform your Neighbors of Events

Whether you’re hosting a nice housewarming party, or even holiday or birthday parties in the future, it’s always a good idea to inform your neighbors. This allows them to prepare for an excessive amount of cars in the street, a little bit of extra noise and it also gives them the opportunity to make alternative arrangements if needed. While they may not be happy to hear about a party, they’ll appreciate that you took the time to inform them. You may also want to consider extending the invite to your neighbors, just to amp up the friendliness and community vibe.

Maintain your Yard

There’s no denying that your yard is your yard but your neighbors don’t want their perfectly manicured property overshadowed by your untamed hedges, tall weeds and wild lawn. That’s also not to mention that some cities will issue a ticket if your lawn is out of control. So, stay on top of the mowing, weeding and watering. It’ll keep your neighbors happy and will also make your house look stunning.

Discuss Problems in Person

Even the best of neighbors come across situations that need to be discussed. It could be that their teenager drives too recklessly on the street, or that they have foul language around your kids, that they’re music is too loud or that their dog never stops barking. Whatever it is, always discuss problems with your neighbors in person. Doing the opposite will never fix the situation, and can it even make it worse. As the saying goes, ‘treat others how you wish to be treated’. You wouldn’t want your neighbors discussing the concerns they have with you with everyone in the community. So, keep that door of communication open at all times, and take advantage of it.

Be Aware of your Surroundings

One of the best etiquette tips for being a good neighbor is to simply be aware of your surroundings. Make sure your exterior lights aren’t shining into your neighbor’s windows, be aware of shared walls and control your backyard barbecues. These little things can make a huge difference.

You’ve likely heard “bad neighbor” horror stories. It’s something you never want to experience for yourself, or worse, become. Fortunately, with these tips, you’ll quickly be the kind of neighbor everyone wished they had.