Junior Seau found dead

Junior Seau, the football star, was found dead on Wednesday at his home.  Police state that the gunshot was apparently self-inflicted at this time; however, there was no suicide note left.  Details are scarce, yet police did state that they do not suspect foul play to be involved.  Seau’s girlfriend found the body Wednesday when she came back from the gym.  He was in bed with the gun.  Luisa Seau, his mother, stated to the press that she does not understand.  She was in church when her son was found.  A neighbor stated that he often saw Seau, age 43, on the balcony or in the ocean surfing.  Two days ago the neighbor saw him playing a ukulele.  He seemed happy to the neighbor as he looked at the sky and out at the waves of his Oceanside home.

An old schoolmate spoke to the media about Seau, stating that he was a fun guy with a competitive spirit who was always trying to win.  They had become distant in recent years, but when Seau was in town they would try to meet up and swap stories about their recent lives.  The old friend did say that Seau tended to keep his bright spirit, which means that if something was bothering him nobody would probably notice.  In 2010, Seau did suffer a car crash close to his home.  The SUV he was driving went over the cliff.  This happened after an arrest for suspicion of domestic violence.

The entire team has their thoughts with the family and his friends.  Seau was considered one of the best players on the San Diego team, which is why many fans and his team are completely astonished and shocked that he will no longer be around to play, even though he had retired two years ago.  His number 55 will always be remembered, as it was his original number from USC.  He was also a Trojan during college football, so he is being remembered at the school too by those who taught him or coached him.

Seau was a 12-time NFL Pro Bowl player.  He played linebacker for 13 seasons with the chargers.  He was also with the Dolphins for three seasons.  He also had a deal with New England Patriots before he called an end to his game playing in 2010.  His plays will keep him remembered by fans for many years.  Although he played for a couple of other teams, he was always a Charger.

The police will continue to research the death of Seau, as any unattended death must have a full investigation.  Police stated that they would release the final results, but it does look like a suicide at the moment.  There does not seem to be another reason and he was at home alone.  There could have been something bothering him that has yet to come to light, and which led to his decision.

Lance Grooms