How to Judge the Size of Truck You Need When Makin …

How to Judge the Size of Truck You Need When Makin …

There’s a plethora of things that have to be considered prior to moving. Choosing the proper moving truck is just one of the many, but it’s inarguably one of the most important. Without the right size of moving truck, you could be left driving back and forth between houses. This can result in extra mileage fees, a waste of time and a daunting moving experience. However, it can be hard to look at your house as a whole and determine how large of a moving truck you’ll need. Fortunately, you have these tips to make the decision easier.

Decide Which Items Won’t Be Making the Move

The first step to determining the size of moving truck you need is to determine how many belongings you have. However, very rarely does everything in a current household make the transition into the new one. Things such as worn furniture, old toys and dusty linens take up a lot of space. If you consider them when trying to determine what size moving truck you need, the result will be inaccurate. So, get rid of the items you won’t be moving first.

Make A List of Your Belongings

Once you have eliminated the items you won’t be moving, it’s time to do a walkthrough of your home. Make a list of everything that will go in the moving truck, from clothes to furniture, toys to electronics and everything in between.

Organize Your List of Belongings

The next step is to organize your list of belongings. Dedicate categories specific to different sizes. Make a section for massive items, large items, medium items and small items and separate your belongings into each.

Start Packing What You Can

If you can, start packing up items you won’t need until you arrive at your new house, such as loose items, extra cutlery and plates, knick knacks, pictures and decor. This will help you determine how boxes you have, as opposed to how many items you have.

Consider the Size of Your Home

Another excellent way to accurately judge the size of moving truck you need is to consider the size of your home. If you have a one-bedroom apartment, you’ll likely only need a small size truck around approximately 10 ft. If you have a one floor home, you may need a small or medium truck. However, if you have a three story house, you’ll likely need a large truck.

So, consider the size of your home, square footage, number of rooms and bedrooms to properly judge the size of moving truck you need.

Think About Cubic Feet

Truck rentals are designed to hold a certain number of items. This is typically measured in cubic feet, which is a breakdown of the available space in the moving truck from top to bottom. When you know the cubic feet of a rental truck, it’s easier to determine what size you’ll need.

Speak with A Professional Moving Company

Any reputable moving company will be able to provide you with quality advice about your move. So, speak with a moving company and get their recommendation. Just be sure to provide them with as much accurate information as possible to ensure they’re recommendation is suited for your needs. You may even find it’s a better idea to hire a professional moving company instead of renting the truck.

It’s always better to have extra space in a truck than it is to have extra belongings that won’t fit or being forced to make extra trips. With these tips you should be able to pick a proper size of moving truck to ensure a cost-efficient move.