Items you should not pack

Items you should not pack

There are a number of goods that necessitate special packing and handling – goods that professional moving companies may not be willing to move if they have not received proper preparation.  You need to take additional care when it comes to the packing of these goods, especially if the move is over a long distance.

Any material that is corrosive, explosive or flammable is dangerous and actually illegal to move.  If you are in possession of these dangerous items then you need to call your fire station, a nearby Environmental Protection Agency office or local recycling pickup service so that you can find out how these items can be disposed of in the correct fashion.  These goods include acid, kerosene, Sterno, aerosols, darkroom chemicals, liquid bleach, pesticides, ammunition, motor oil, nail polish and remover, gasoline, matches, charcoal, car batteries, lighter fluid, paints and fertilizer.

If you are making a local move, you will most likely be able to take perishables with you providing that they have been properly packed and stored, although you need to take extra care with items such as dairy products, eggs and meat.  Even in colder climates these foods can be spoiled very quickly as the result of incorrect packing and storing.

If your relocation is taking place over a long distance then you should really dispose of all perishable goods and find a new home for most of your plants, although outdoor and household plants can be moved with the correct packing and storage.