Items you should not pack for a move

Items you should not pack for a move

If you are intending to pack your own possessions in preparation for a move, you need to be aware of the kind of items that you should not pack.  Items that have sentimental or financial value and important papers should not be packed, while a number of other items – such as exercise equipment – should only be packed by professional movers.

You should ask your moving company about which items you should not pack.  This list will include the likes of flammable, poisonous, explosive or corrosive items, which include such things as car batteries, acid, fertilizer, thinner, nail polish and nail polish remover, aerosols, fireworks, pesticides, propane tanks, cleaning fluid, charcoal, paint, matches, ammunition, kerosene, gasoline, and loaded weapons.

Plants that could rot or die and perishable food items are also usually not recommended to be packed for a move.  Perishable food items can be eaten prior to the relocation and plants can either be taken in the car for a short journey or given away to friends or family members if making a long-distance move.  Fridges and freezers should be defrosted at least a day before the move, with the doors left open in order to allow them to dry out and prevent odors and mold.

Valuable items and important papers, such as airline tickets, financial statements, check books, photos, furs, bonds, tax records, jewelry, stocks, computer software and art, coins or stamp collections, should always remain in your personal possession.