Items not to be forgotten while moving

Items not to be forgotten while moving

There are a number of items that often tend to be forgotten about during the hustle and bustle of a move, and end up leading to a lot of hard work trying to track them down again afterwards.  It is crucial to ensure that you make the time to locate these items prior to the relocation so that arrangements can be made for them on moving day.

One of the items most frequently forgotten about during a move is old house keys.  Before your relocation, you can find yourself faced with a pretty short deadline on some occasions and so you may forget to remove the keys for the brand new residents.  It is possible that you might have a big stack of keys, or even that a number of the keys are somewhere in the backyard.

Garage openers are another in the list of most frequently forgotten items during relocation.  If you have been living in a place for a long time, it is very easy to forget the little things such as the garage opener.  You should leave the garage door open for the benefit of the new residents once you have taken out your vehicle for the very last time.

Many people forget their new telephone number, as well as the phone numbers of their old neighbors.  It is important to remember to write these down somewhere safe if you want to be able to stay in touch.

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