Is Three Mile Island Still Dangerous?

Is Three Mile Island Still Dangerous?

The Three Mile Island disaster is well known, and its devastation has been published in history books for decades. After a disaster occurs, many people flee the area, but a small number of people stay and try to rebuild. Sometimes, like in the case of Three Mile Island, the situation still remained too dangerous for residents to stay.  It’s been 32 years since the worst nuclear accident in U.S. history has occurred. Bekins Moving Solutions investigates to find out if the Three Mile Island area is still dangerous or ripe for development once again.

The Three Mile Island Incident

Three Mile Island is just outside of Harrisburg, a place where many people still move today. Over thirty years ago, both human and mechanical errors brought on a partial meltdown in one of the reactors at the plant. Dangerous radioactive gases were released into the atmosphere. There was no official evacuation despite the risk of radiation exposure. Nonetheless, 100,000 people moved away from the area, and the cleanup lasted until 1993.

Is It Safe to Live Near Three Mile Island?

Central Pennsylvania is beautiful and offers a lot in the way of opportunity. However, is it safe to move anywhere near Three Mile Island? Experts believe so. In fact, most things have returned to normal. Authorities are constantly monitoring the plant and have many safety procedures in place to prevent a meltdown disaster from occurring again. If you are moving to the area, you can rest assured that the area is completely safe. In fact, the median home price in Middleton, just outside of the area, is at about $175,000. That is higher than many neighborhoods throughout the state. It is safe to say that the area has rebounded since the disaster that occurred 32 years ago.

Moving to Three Mile Island

Moving to Three Mile Island has just as many challenges as moving anywhere else. You need an experienced moving company who understands how to pack your items properly, load them and unload them without damage or incident, and get you settled in your new home quickly. Bekins Moving Solutions is the moving company for you. Our team of experienced local movers goes the extra mile to organize and execute a stress-free moving experience. Whether you are moving to Three Mile Island, New York, or Los Angeles, we can assist you. We are a national chain with a local personal touch that is dedicated to getting our clients to their new location quickly and efficiently. When you hire Bekins Moving Solutions, the only thing you have to lift is a phone.

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