Is The Lone Ranger the worst movie ever?

Is The Lone Ranger the worst movie ever?

The verdict is in for the new Johnny Depp film, and it is not a favorable one.  Almost every website, serious film critic and reputable newspaper thinks that The Lone Ranger is a stinker of the highest order, with some labeling the feature racist, others calling it the death of the blockbuster – the film cost an estimated $250 million to make – and others going so far as to label it the worst movie ever made.

Despite the massive budget, early reports are indicating that it will be lucky to earn $300 million on a worldwide basis, with most films normally needing to double their budget in order to be able to break even.  This is a big worry for Disney, which backed the film.

Some reports say that The Lone Ranger is performing so badly at the box office that Disney could end up losing $150 million and even have its stock price affected.  Whatever the truth, there is little doubt that critics have not responded well to the film; acid comments have been directed at the movie from all sides.

Gilbert Cruz says that The Lone Ranger exemplifies everything that is wrong with the present Hollywood blockbuster system.  “In addition to being massively expensive, The Long Ranger demonstrates the industry’s franchise obsession, origin story laziness, over-reliance on bloodless violence, and inability to prevent running time bloat,” he wrote on, adding: “It’s a product of a system stuck in neutral.”