Is moving company storage a long-term option?

Is moving company storage a long-term option?

You might be wondering why you would need to use the storage services of your moving company on a long-term basis, as surely you will be moving into a new place and will need your belongings?

Sometimes a move does not work out like this; for example, long-term storage services are an option for clients who are moving abroad for a few months and do not want to take all their things with them, but instead want to keep their possessions for when they return home. It could also be that there has been a delay in the purchase of a new home; for example, it is not unheard of for a property deal to collapse after you have moved out of your old home. Such an event will mean that you need to have somewhere to store your belongings indefinitely.

The good news is that most moving company storage facilities can be used on either a long- or short-term basis. Talk to your chosen company about its facilities and what additional services it can offer. The advantage of moving company storage is that there are often additional measures in place, such as climate control and security, so that you have peace of mind knowing that you are not doing any damage to your possessions by packing them away for a few weeks or even months.

When the time comes to move into your new home or return to your old home, all you need to do is contact your moving company with the details and have your possessions shipped to your new address.