Is Long-Term Storage Harmful for Washers and Dryer …

Is Long-Term Storage Harmful for Washers and Dryer …

Purchasing a washer and dryer every time you move can get quite expensive, especially if you prefer high-end models. Many people want to take their washer and dryer with them when they move to a new location to save money, but can a washer and dryer survive the move? What about if you have to keep them in long-term storage before moving to your new place? The answer to these questions may surprise you.

Long Term Storage of Washer and Dryers

Thorough Cleaning

In order to properly store your washer and dryer, you need to take steps to prepare them prior to the move. The most crucial step is completely cleaning your system. Clean out any detergent or water in the washer and thoroughly wipe down the outside. Clear out the filter in your dryer and wipe away any lint. Look at your washer and dryer’s manual to check for any areas of your systems that may hold water or debris. If any water or detergent is left inside the washer or dryer’s system, you can get premature degradation of the hoses or rust in the drum. If this happens, your washer and dryer may be as good as trash. Don’t worry, though. Following this advice and the instructions in your manual should drastically lower chances of damage.

Prepping Your Washer

A week or so prior to your move, you will want to properly prep your washer for storage. This involves a few easy steps you can follow and complete to ensure your washer and dryer will be all prepared for your move. Do the following:

  • Let your washer run through one or two cycles with only water to get any soap residue out of the system.
  • Shut down the water supply going to your washer.
  • There are hoses in the back of the washer – disconnect them.
  • Leave the washer’s door open and let it dry out completely for a couple of days before moving.

Prepping Your Dryer

Preparing your dryer for the move is a bit more straightforward and simple compared to your washer. Still, you want to make sure you complete each step so your dryer is safe, secure, and will stay in pristine condition during long-term storage. Do the following:

  • Clean the dryer as thoroughly as possible, removing as much lint as you can.
  • Disconnect the power source from your wall and wrap and cover the connections.

Before you set up your washer and dryer in your new home, you may want to buy some replacement washer hoses and dryer vents to be safe. Keep the manuals taped to your washer and dryer in a Ziploc bag; if a question arises, you will have access to the washer or dryer information quickly.

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