Is Kristen Stewart to move in with mom?

Is Kristen Stewart to move in with mom?

The world’s most famous cheater, Kristen Stewart, has certainly been through the meat grinder of late, with the revelations of her cheating on her Twilight co-star and boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, so it is perhaps understandable that the actress would want to run home to mom.

Insiders from have reported that Kristen’s mother, Jules Mann Stewart, has recently bought a brand new five bedroom house located in the Malibu beach resort, with sources also saying that the newly divorced mother is looking for a housemate, with her disgraced starlet daughter top of the ‘wanted’ list of people to move in.

Kristen is reported to be already living with her mother again following her very public split with Pattinson and relocation out of the home they shared, and is believed to have contributed to the purchase and be helping with the cost of running the house as well.  The property, which extends over three floors, is fully landscaped and includes an oval guesthouse, with the total area of the property being 5,800 square feet.

According to recent reports, Kristen has plenty in common with her mother when it comes to relationship break-ups, with Jules also in the midst of a bust-up with Kristen’s father John, whom she is divorcing after being married to for 27 years.  The two Stewarts could certainly do with some cheering up, though Kristen has something to smile about, with her new movie On the Road having been released to critical acclaim.

Jon Huser