Is It Better to Buy a New House or a Fixer-Upper?

Is It Better to Buy a New House or a Fixer-Upper?

When you are searching for a new home to move into, you look at a lot of different options. Some homes are move-in ready, and others need a bit of work. There are pros and cons to purchasing either, but which is the better buy? While Bekins Moving Solutions is a moving company, we have a lot of experience with helping our clients move in and out of both new houses and fixer-uppers. Here is a bit of advice from what we have learned from our customers over the years about which option tends to have a more positive outcome.

Your Budget

A house that needs a bit of TLC does tend to be cheaper initially. But how extensive are the repairs to make it habitable? If the supplies and time it will take to get your home up to code are extensive, you may actually spend more than you would when compared to a newer home. However, if you are quite handy, you may be able to cut significant costs on labor. If you have never done home renovations before, you must consider the price of hiring a reliable contractor. Before you purchase a fixer-upper, get the advice of a neutral inspector to evaluate everything that needs to be repaired. That should give you a rough idea on how much to budget to get your home up to speed.

Your Expectations

Before you dive headfirst into a large remodeling project, you need to sit down and talk with your family about your expectations. Does the mental image of the finished product parallel your budget? Will you have the funds to complete at least the minimal repairs to be able to live in the home comfortably? If you are unsure about these answers, it may be worth it to move into a new home that doesn’t require so much work up front.

Your Family

If you have younger children, finding the time to shower is a major accomplishment. Deciding to purchase a fixer-upper may be biting off more than you can chew. Having nails, tools, and sharp objects around on a regular basis may also be dangerous. However, if you are a family that enjoys renovation projects, then a fixer-upper can promote pride and ownership in your home along with helping you bond as a family.

Your Style

If you like to have control over the look and style of every aspect of your home, a fixer-upper can be a perfect match. You will be able to start from scratch and choose exactly the materials, amenities, and details that match your vision of your home. If you purchase a new home, you aren’t given that flexibility, but most new homes are outfitted with modern features that mesh with many styles.

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