Is Ellen moving to Australia?

Is Ellen moving to Australia?

Ellen DeGeneres could be thinking of moving down under.  The comedienne turned talk show host – who is married to actress Portia de Rossi, who originated from the Australian city of Melbourne prior to her relocation to the US – has admitted that she could see them both making a move to live in the country after she retires.

“I shouldn’t put it out there but I can see us living here one day,” the 55-year-old admitted.  “I’ve wanted to come to Australia for a long, long time, before meeting Portia.”  Ellen has been spending some time in her wife’s home town after having previously visited Sydney earlier in the week in order to film segments for her popular television series The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which were shot in front of an audience of around 3,000 people including Australian actor Russell Crowe.

Ellen admitted to the crowd that she has fallen madly in love with Australia as a whole and told them “I’m moving here, it’s so beautiful”.  Ellen and 40-year-old Portia, best known for her roles on the television comedy series Ally McBeal and Arrested Development, have also paid a visit to Portia’s former school, Melbourne Girls Grammar, and spent several hours filming there.

Also accompanying the celebrity couple was Ellen’s mother, Betty.  On Tuesday Ellen took to her Twitter page to express her enjoyment of her time in Australia.  “I had heard Aussies were incredible people, but this week I experienced it for myself,” she wrote.  “Thank you, Australia.  I’m glad I married one of you.”