Is a short distance move harder than a long distan …

Is a short distance move harder than a long distan …

Packing boxesYou might think that moving a short distance is easier than moving a long distance; however, this is not necessarily the case.

One of the problems with a short distance move is that many people believe they can do without the help of professional movers and try to complete the move themselves. It sounds very easy ‒ you hire a truck, pack it yourself and move house. You believe that a small truck will be enough because you are only going a short distance and you can do more than one trip.

Anyone who has ever tried this will know that it is actually much harder. When you are moving long distance you get the professionals in, load up one large truck and just go. With a short-distance move it is easy to kid yourself that you don’t have that many possessions, and with no professional on hand to point out otherwise you could find yourself rushed off your feet on moving day.

Trying to manage a short distance move yourself can mean that you take a few shortcuts with packing. The result is that you are more likely to damage items as they are put into boxes and moved; for example, you might not use a sufficient amount of padding.

Even for a short distance move, a professional moving company should be hired. In this way your move can be completed in one trip, everything can be packed properly, and you can dramatically reduce your stress levels.