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Bekins A-1 Office Movers WARRENVILLE, IL

WARRENVILLE, IL OCTOBER 13, 2010 — In 2008, during the worst economic period since the Great Depression, myBekins CEO David Caruso made the strategic decision to invest in the service quality of his growing organization. He created Caruso University, an interactive training center for ongoing instruction in all aspects of commercial moving.But Caruso’s commitment went beyond the walls of his training center at the Office of Administration in Warrenville, IL. He wanted his employees to become IOMI® Certified Office Movers® and Bekins A-1 Movers, Inc. President Terry Kostoff                       


was among the first to “walk the talk” and earn his diploma last spring. Now, after the latest IOMI® training session at Warrenville, all key corporate managers at Bekins A-1 have raised the quality commitment bar by earning the right to call themselves Certified Office Movers®. Key employees from the company’s Lake Zurich, IL branch also took part in the training by the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®). IOMI® training for more Bekins A-1 employees at locations around the country will continue in the coming months.                       


Supervisor Lake Zurich Branch myBekins Director of Customer Service myBekins
Supervisor-Pete Chipchase, left, and Crew Leader Larry Glass from the Lake Zurich branch Director of Customer Service, Lisa Aubert and Director of claims, Mike Rogers
Paul Sowa, GM, Lake Zurich branch myBekins
Paul Sowa, GM, Lake Zurich branch, practices IOMI®’s proprietary commercial job estimating formula Lake Zurich Branch, Supervisor-Pete Chipchase, Corporate Director of Safety and Compliance Phyllis Kennelly and Corporate Sales Consultant Donna Quarino take part in role playing during IOMI® training.
Denise Rovetto, Customer Service Specialist, Lake Zurich Branch Dean Quarino, Relocation Service Specialist, Lake Zurich Branch Denise Quarino, Accounting Lake Zurich Branch Travis Krynski, Crew Leader, Lake Zurich Branch
Denise Rovetto, Customer Service Specialist, Lake Zurich branch
Dean Quarino, Relocation Consultant, Lake Zurich branch Denise Quarino, Accounting, Lake Zurich branch
Travis Krynski, Crew Leader, Lake Zurich branch
Director of Claims-Mike Rogers; Director of Customer Service-Lisa Aubert; VP of HR and Administration-Kristen Slama; Director of Safety and Compliance-Phyllis Kennelly and Marketing Coordinator-Jon Huser Directors of myBekins


Attendee Comments: 

Mr. Katz was great…the seminar was outstanding.
     -Lisa Aubert, Director of Customer Service (Corporate)
Ed’s seminar was understandable, accurate and complete and his antics and humor made it interesting.     
     –Donna Quarino, Sales Consultant

The IOMI® certification will increase the value of choosing myBekins.
     -Jon Huser, Marketing Coordinator (Corporate)

It was wonderful how Ed told real life stories in real world scenarios.  He gave us great tools for growth.

     -Denise Rovetto, Customer Service Specialist, Lake Zurich branch

The entire program was a learning experience.  You made the three days go by quickly.
     -Mike Rogers, Director of Claims (Corporate)

The seminar was very beneficial in understanding all aspects of the industry.
      -Phyllis Kennelly Director of Safety and Compliance (Corporate)

I found myself hanging onto every word Ed Katz said.  He made the training fun which I haven’t experienced in quite some time.  Well done!

     -Kristen Slama, VP of HR and Administration(Corporate)

My thanks for an enlightening, energetic and informative program.
     -Paul Sowa, GM, Lake Zurich branch
 Article and photos courtesy of the myBekins portion of the International Office Moving Institute(IOMI) Web site: