Introducing a city dog to life in the country

Introducing a city dog to life in the country

Many people long to move to the country and if you are one of the lucky ones who have managed to make the break from city life, you will probably be eager to take your dog out for the first time and let him run free at last; however, this is not a good idea – at least at first.

The country will undoubtedly be filled with many new scents that your city dog is unlikely to have ever come across before.  Even a trained and normally well-behaved dog might disobey their master if they find a fascinating new scent that they want to follow.  The best idea after your initial relocation to the country is to keep your dog on his lead for a while and allow him to become accustomed to all of the new scents.

Another thing to consider before letting your dog run free, even after he has become used to his new surroundings, is that the country is full of wild animals roaming freely about.  City dogs are likely to be unaware that some animals should be avoided and could end up injured if they attempt to make friends with them.

Country properties that have been around for quite a while might also have hidden cisterns or wells, so you should walk around and make sure that any you find have their tops safely secured.  A move to the country can be a very positive one for both you and your dog, but sensible precautions need to be taken for the safety of your beloved pet.

Lance Grooms