Into Darkness voted worst Star Trek movie

Into Darkness voted worst Star Trek movie

Star Trek Into Darkness was released in May and was a big success at the box office, being the franchise’s biggest money spinner ever and earning $452 million worldwide.  Some critics were less than impressed with the sequel, however, and it would seem that they were not the only ones, with Star Trek fans voting it the worst movie in the history of the series so far.

The annual Las Vegas Star Trek convention saw Into Darkness win the vote for the worst film in the series to date.  Director JJ Abrams is viewed as having dumbed the series down into bog-standard Hollywood action fare, ripping out the more cerebral qualities and big concepts that made the series a hit in the first place and leaving many hardcore fans feeling that they have been discarded in favor of appeasing the standard Hollywood blockbuster crowd.

When mentioned, Star Trek Into Darkness was even greeted with boos from the audience, with one fan addressing the crowd and arguing that the reboot series, which began in 2009, should not be considered as real Star Trek movies anyway, the Huffington Post reports.

The hardcore fans are unlikely to be appeased by the notion that JJ Abrams is to direct a third film in the reboot series for release sometime in the next few years.  While some critics have mocked the fans for turning on such a commercially successful movie, many feel that Paramount has only achieved this success by selling out the very qualities that made Star Trek such a cultural icon to begin with.