Interpretation and translation services for a mili …

Interpretation and translation services for a mili …

Military relocation can be a stressful enough experience on its own, but if you are moving to a foreign country you may also be adding a language barrier to the list of worries that you and your family have.  Whether you are a member of a military family moving overseas or the foreign spouse of a military member moving to the United States, there are translation and interpretation services available that could be very helpful.

Document translation and telephone interpretation services are both offered by the website Military OneSource.  The telephone service offers translation in more than 170 languages in real time, while documents can be translated in the same languages in an average of two and a half days, including birth certificates, marriage and divorce documents, and college transcripts.

When you make a military move overseas you and your family may get the chance to be employed in the community and live on the economy.  In order to get your family settled as quickly as possible you may require the help of a translator to interpret documents such as leases, employment benefits, employment contracts and service agreements relating to utilities.

If you are a military spouse who was born overseas and are now intending to move to the United States, your legal documents may need to be translated into English.  Such documents could include marriage licenses, birth certificates, IDs, passports, adoption paperwork, school transcripts and diplomas.