International Women’s Day 2015

International Women’s Day 2015

On March 8th this year it will be International Women’s Day. This is a day that is recognized all over the world to celebrate women’s achievements and continue the fight for equality.

The theme for this year’s day is Make it Happen. While many people may not have heard of this event, it has been celebrated around the world for more than 100 years. All over the world there are events taking place to draw everybody’s attention to the achievements of women, whether social, political or economical. Taking part on the day will be thousands of charities, government organizations, women’s groups and corporations. Some of these will have their own theme for the day and some of the charities will use the theme to help to raise awareness and funds for their own causes.

How to support International Women’s Day

There are a number of different ways in which you can support International Women’s Day, and with the Internet being such a massive aspect of our lives now many people choose to support it online. Consider your social media accounts. It is very easy to add a status or an update to reference International Women’s Day and there are a number of hashtags you can use to draw attention to your support, including #MakeItHappen, #womensday and #internationalwomensday. Some of the charities and other groups will come up with different hashtags, so keep an eye open for these.

You can support International Women’s Day via a number of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. All you have to do is share a few statuses, retweet content or turn your own blog or page purple for the day.

You can add the logo for International Women’s Day to your email signature to spread the word to anyone you may email on the day, and why not make a video about the day and add it to your page or YouTube channel if you’re a vlogger? Make a donation to a charity supporting the day too if you want to.

There are so many ways to celebrate the day online!

What can you do offline?

Not everyone wants to be on the Internet all day. Do a little research and find out what is happening in your local area to support the day. There may be campaigns or activities that you can take part in, or you could organize something yourself if you have enough support. Even getting a few friends together for a coffee morning to raise money for charity will help to make a difference.

Some people may be wondering why purple is the color of choice on this day. Purple was one of the colors chosen by the suffragettes in Britain when they were fighting for the vote and equality, so it now features heavily in the various campaigns regarding International Women’s Day. It is easy enough to incorporate the color into your day – you can simply wear something purple or just put up a poster or banner that incorporates this color.

You can always adapt the theme to your own needs; indeed, the organization behind International Women’s Day encourages you to do this. Check out the official website and keep the global hub updated on how your day is progressing.